A Fandango game has 8 rounds. A round is won when the opponent is hit at his body. The player, who first wins 8 rounds, is Fandango winner.  
The players place each other obverse with a distance of 5 meters. The battle starts. The round is won if one player makes a Bull’s Eye hit at the opponent.  

Bull’s Eye: hit directly on the body
Graze: The opponent is grazed only.
Hands: Hits on hands do not count, but are not punished by point deduction.  
Handles: Hits with the Fandango handle do not count and are punished by one point deduction.  
Hits on head and into the face as well as hits into the soft parts do not count and are punished by one point deduction.  

Play Fandango at open and roomy places, in the best case outside. Before starting the game, please take care of your surroundings. Fandango should be played under supervision of adults.  
The game should be fun, please treat your opponents and the Fandango bar responsibly.  

Fandango is a contact sport. Contact sports can be dangerous and can lead to serious injuries in spite of preventive measures and protection clothing. To avoid serious injuries, the players are not allowed to hit eyes, face, head and inguinal region. Please wear protection glasses and helmet. Players should be in a good health condition. Please do not alter the product.