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Waboba Glove CATCH

Product no. 00516
Waboba Glove CATCH Product no. 00516

Waboba glove CATCH for safe and easy catching and throwing like pros. Including one Waboba PRO ball. For left and right hand. Blister packed.

1/10 Pc.


sunflex WATER SQUIRT BACKPACK BEE KIDS Product no. 00578

Water on! With the sunflex WATER SQUIRT BACKPACK BEE KIDS, boys and girls can splash around with water for even longer. This is made possible by the 1.95 l tank as a backpack. In addition, the hand pump allows manual charging before it gets wet again. Length of hose: 82 cm. Splash distance 8-10 m. In polybag.

6 Pc.


sunflex Reflektor Armband FLASH

Product no. 90290
sunflex Reflektor Armband FLASH Product no. 90290

With the sunflex reflector bracelet FLASH everyone is going to see you. The red LED light shines up to 100 hours and can be turned on permanently or in blink mode. The reflector is adjustable and weatherproof. In carton

6 Pc.



Product no. 81139
FRISBEE MUTANT Product no. 81139

FRISBEE MUTANT is a colorful allround frisbee for the leisure time, which is way more comfortable than conventional frisbees. It wins over others not only with a new design, but also with the innovative rubber materials polypropylene and thermoplastic. The rubber ensures a better catching and grip comfort and reduces in that way the risk of injury. Especially children from five years up benefit from the FRISBEE MUTANT, which weights 150 grams and has a size of 23.5 centimeters. The blister packaging enables a clear view of the product.

12/24/36 Pc.



Product no. 73471
sunflex JUMPING ANIMALS UNICORN Product no. 73471

Inflatable sunflex JUMPING ANIMALS UNICORN made of Jersyprene Lite for catching, playing and throwing in water or ashore. The high quality rubber blade resists also games full of action. Inflated, with hang tag.

6/48 Pc.



Product no. 80410
sunflex TABLEGAME BOWLING Product no. 80410

Playing bowling at home on the table is no longer wishful thinking thanks to the sunflex TISCHSPIEL BOWLING. The 120 cm long and 28 cm wide track offers fun for young and old at the same time. There are two bowling balls. But don't worry, nobody needs to run for the bowls due the innovative ball bearing technology. Striking is simple: Just throw one of the two balls onto the six cones, which are 6.6 centimeters in size. Magnetic mounting rails prevent the track from rolling up and allow a comfortable gaming experience with sunflex TISCHSPIEL BOWLING. The package is practical and can store the long track space saving.Recommended from five years. In Carton box and storage bag for small parts.

4 Pc.



sunflex MINI SURE CATCH SET ILLUSION only requires two gloves and a ball. Non-slip surfaces provide optimal grip even in the water. The set hardly occupies any space in the beach bag. Net packed.

6/24 Pc.


sunflex CASSINI NEOREMIX ILLUSION Product no. 74470

sunflex CASSINI NEOREMIX ILLUSION made of Jerseyprene Lite is very handy and solid. Perfect for easily catching this boomerang. Carton packaging.

6/48 Pc.


sunflex NEPTUN NEOREMIX ILLUSION Product no. 74475

sunflex flying disc NEPTUN NEOREMIX ILLUSION made of Jersyprene Lite enables easy catching because of its solid frame. Assorted colours, blister packed.

6/48 Pc.



Product no. 74966
sunflex VENUS TROPICAL TIKI Product no. 74966

The lightweight flying disc sunflex VENUS made of neoprene in TROPICAL TIKI Design has optimal flying characteristics. Thanks to its handy solid frame it is easy to catch. Blister packed.

48 Pc.


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