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Holzwurm, Aschaffenburg

At the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, you are always looking for new, innovative products. At one booth I found and immediately liked the NightBall items. I was impressed by the feeling, the light effects and the quality. I had the feeling - now I've found the top item for the summer. But to my disappointment, there was currently no sales partner for Germany. I was happy to hear at sunflex that the negotiations about distributing those amazing items are already in progress and the delivery is even planned for the summer of 2016. Now I can look forward to cool blinking products for long summer evenings.

Antonia Muschik, Report in TOYS dated July 2016
Holzwurm, Aschaffenburg

Marken- und Qualitätsspielzeug Hartfelder, Hamburg

We have been running the sunflex brand for three years now and we are extremely satisfied, with the products, with the sales and the conditions as well as with the support of Detlef Kuhn and his agency. Mr. Kuhn keeps us up to date with sunflex innovations - and that's important, because there's always movement in this company, in a positive sense! I only know a few companies that are such active and innovative in the market. When I think that we started with sunflex three years ago with a small carton display and now we have a large wooden display in each of our three shops- this simply happened due to the great products. Also, the new NightBall, which Mr. Kuhn has introduced to me, is a completely successful and innovative product. We ordered the complete package right away. I am sure those products will sell well as the rest of the sunflex assortment!

Nils Hartfelder, Report in TOYS dated July 2016
Marken- und Qualitätsspielzeug Hartfelder, Hamburg

Spielwarenfachgeschäft Schmidt am Kurplatz in Juist

Five years ago the company sunflex was recommended to us by our Area Manager Mr. Detlef Kuhn, Creative Marketing Toy Service (KMS). Since then we have always been able to rely on the recommendations of Mr. Kuhn also with the assortment of sunflex, which we immediately joined.

At the beginning we were a bit skeptical if we could sell Waboba for € 9.95 but already in the first year sold several hundred pieces. That really inspired us! sunflex and KMS offer us everything that is expected of classic brand owners today: highest quality, price stability, exclusivity, top conditions, comprehensive POS support, constant innovation, extremely short delivery times and top consulting!

Fa. Schmidt from Juist
Spielwarenfachgeschäft Schmidt am Kurplatz in Juist

Kinderladen Lütt und Plietsch, Sylt

Absolutely convinced of the sunflex products due to their longevity and quality, are Bernd Maintzer and his wife, who opened the children's store Lütt und Plietsch in December 2013 on Sylt. Because of the location just next to the North Sea, the products perfectly fit to an active beach holiday. The highlight this year for the new children's store was a street ball game organized by sunflex on the occasion of a harbor festival, during which everyone could try out and practice the products.

Mr. and Mrs. Maintzer
Kinderladen Lütt und Plietsch, Sylt

It's allowed to reduce aggressionsTangstedter SPD donates playground equipment for violence prevention / use in school lessons and in the children and youth center

TANGSTEDT: The situation is every day the same: "The children come to the after-school care after an exhausting day at school and begin to struggle and to fight ", describes the Tangstedter youth care worker Boris Kaufmann. This brings a lot of bad vibes in the group, which now counts about 50 children. "So we have to ban this," Kaufmann says.

Recently, play equipment has been provided to the youth worker, which can serve as an outlet for excess strength and aggression. "I asked one of my distribution partners if they could sponsor us," reports Detlef Kuhn (SPD), who is the managing director of a brand name distribution agency.

The Franconian company "sunflex" agreed and donated four large and 24 small "Mashoongas". "These are sports equipment made of foam, with which the coordination, responsiveness and motor skills can be trained in a playful way," explains Kuhn. "I used this game equipment already during my training as a violence prevention trainer - but never saw them afterwards again," rejoiced buyer over the donation.

The first assignment did not last long: During the prevention class of the fourth grade students were allowed to inaugurate the "Mashoongas". Earlier, Kaufmann teaches the children the rules: "It is forbidden to hit the head, face, or soft parts," he told the children. As soon as someone calls "Stop" or lies on the ground, the opponent must stop. "And if someone turns around, you must not hit the back from behind," warned Kaufmann.

His request to figure out when the racket hurts the opponent, the children hesitated. But the initial shyness was quickly gone: With full physical effort, the opponents tried to push each other from the bank. "The rallies to exact rules of the game, which must be followed by all, contributes to the reduction of aggression and prevents violence," Kaufmann is convinced.

Ute Springer
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