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Rings 2BA

Product no. 07018
Rings 2BA Product no. 07018

10 Pc.


sunflex ELITE

Product no. 03454
sunflex ELITE Product no. 03454

shaft: nylon Barrel: Tungsten Flight: Pentathlon TDP LUX weight: 23 g case

1 Pc.


sunflex ELECTRONIC DARTBOARD NOVIO Product no. 45133

sunflex electronic dartboard NOVIO for up to 8 players including 6 darts, exciting games and 65 game variations, LCD display for current scoring system. Voice and sound effects-orchestra. Voice announcer indicates: double, triple, bullseye, open, closed, score, next player, bust, you are our winner. Playing options/game options: double in/ double out options, dart out/ score, sound, game guard, bounce-out, option, miss option for realistic dart competition. Patent cybermatch feature: play up with computer in 5 levels, professional, advanced, intermediate, novice, beginner, AC/DC and battery operated. Including adapter. Carton packed.

3/6 Pc.


sunflex ELECTRONIC DARTBOARD SPIRIT Product no. 45145

sunflex electronic dartboard SPIRIT for up to 8 players with 6 darts. 21 game modes with 65 variations. Closable thanks to its plastic cabinet, LCD display, voice- and sound effects, cyber match, AC/DC and battery operated. Carton packed.

3/6 Pc.



Electronic dartboard EXCELLENCE for up to 16 Players with tournament size. 28 games with 167 variations. Voice and sound effects for Bulls Eye, Double, Triple, Next Player. Adapter operated an included. 12 darts and 52 tips. Multilingual manual.

2/4 Pc.


sunflex ELECTRONIC DARTBOARD FUTURE Product no. 45140

sunflex electronic dartboard FUTURE for up to 8 players with 12 Darts in official tournament size and style. Cyber-match function, 22 game modes with 102 variations, voice- and sound effects, 4 LED displays. Including adapter. Carton packed.

3 Pc.


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