1. The idea of the game
Boccia can be played almost everywhere due to the soft material. Whether in the garden, on the beach, or in the flat, the possibilies have virtually no limits.

2. The team
A team can hold 1,2 or 3 players. In a game 3 against 3, each plaer recieves one ball.
In the game 2 against 2, each player receives three balls.

3. Instructions
Before starting the game, the team who is allowed to throw the target ball (small ball) first must be drawn.
A throwing line must be fixed behind which the players have to stand. It's not allowed to pass over the line while throwing.
The target ball is thrown at a distance of 6-10 by one player of the starting team.
When using the game indoor, the teams agree how far the target ball has to be thrown.
Player number 1 of the first team tries to approach with his ball as close as possible to the target ball.

Then it's the turn of a player of team 2.
The player must try to get closer to the target ball.This can be done in two ways.
By the so-called "laying", the player tries to lay his own ball closer to the target ball tan the opponent.

By the so called "shooting", the player ties to remove the opponent's ball from the target ball with a more aimed throw.

If he is successfull, a player of the first team can make a new throw.
If he fails, it's again turn of team 2 until they place a ball at a better position of if they are out of balls.
Points are scored at the end of each round.
Any ball which is closer to the targt ball than the opponent's balls gets a point.
At least 1 point is scored in a round (if the second closest ball is that of an opponent), up to 3 points, if all balls of a same team are better placed than those of the adverse team.
Further gameplay: The team who won the round starts again with the throwing of the target ball.
The team who first achieved 13 points wins.

4. Playing technique
There are basically 2 kinds to throw the balls - laying and shooting.
Take care about the correct hand position when layinf and shooting.
You throw with the hand turned downwards.
Once you have some experience with the balls, you will notice that the hand position created a back twist by which you can manipulate trajectory and performance of the ball on different playing fields.

And now enjoy your first tournament!

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