sunflex blade ZEN Photon OFF - K

Product No.: 19095

sunflex blade ZEN Photon OFF - K Product No.: 19095

The Photon was developed for players of long pimples. It has a greatly enlarged 16.2cmx16.1cm blade and a total weight of well under 80g. The Photon has a classic five-ply veneer construction with an unusually thick 7.0mm balsa core veneer. The outer veneers are made of Limba. In terms of speed, the wood is classified in the All+ to Off- range. The Photon develops good dynamics and generates a lot of spin. Players who prefer a near-table interfering game with long pimples will really enjoy this blade. Especially in combination with ox pimples, the Photon
Photon harmonises very well and provides a safe blocking game with good spin reversal at the table.

Players who play without pimples but generally appreciate the balsa feel will also find Photon an interesting and light blade.

Product information
10 Pc.
70 - 80 g
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