sunflex Dr. Freeze 1,25 black

Product No.: 19645 NEW

sunflex Dr. Freeze 1,25 black Product No.: 19645

The name of the rubber could hardly be better chosen: Dr. Freeze. The rubber literally freezes the power of the opponent's attacking balls thanks to the extremely dampening sponge. The developers at sunflex have really done a great job with this innovation. The special dampening sponge was combined with a special pimple geometry to create an extremely slow rubber.
Even on serve, balls are so short that you have to put energy into them so that they don't get stuck in the net. As soon as the opponent goes into attack mode, he will be surprised: Block balls are so short and sure that the attacker hardly gets into his usual attack rhythm. This alone creates excellent opportunities to launch your own counter-attack with the forehand side.
Passive blocking results in a good but not extreme spin reversal. However, if you hack into the topspin with strong wrist action, the spin reversal is quite impressive. If you block more actively and try to counter the opponent's topspin, the result is a very unpleasant trajectory for the opponent.
However, the Dr. Freeze is not so well suited for defence because the sponge is so strongly dampening that you have to use a lot of force to play the ball on the opponent's half.
However, if you play close to the table, you will be thrilled with this rubber! No matter how much spin or speed the opponent's attack has, the block is extremely safe and extremely short;
Our recommendation for the disruptive player close to the table who wants to act like a wall on the backhand in order to win points with the forehand.

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