sunflex blade MYS DEF 5+2 A

Product No.: 19105 NEW

sunflex blade MYS DEF 5+2 A Product No.: 19105

With the MYS Defensive Carbon, the developers at sunflex have developed a modern defensive blade for the disruptive player close to the table. The blade has very high control values and a relatively flat ball bounce. The spin development is unusually high, so that a lot of undercut can be produced even with the plastic ball.
Due to the carbon inlays, the blade harmonises perfectly with long pimples and produces a good spin reversal. With the forehand side, fast and spin-rich counter-attacks can be launched. Modern defensive players who defend a bit more actively and attack with the forehand are also just right with this version.

This product is currently not available!
Product information
10 Pc.
85 - 90 g
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